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Peter Vance is an emerging country recording artist from St. John’s, NL.  His debut country single, “Nothing To Lose”, gained traction upon its release in June 2023, securing airplay on 28 country radio stations and peaking at #110 on the Mediabase charts. 

Recognized for his infectious ear-candy hooks and clever Nashville-esque lyricism, Peter’s unique blend of traditional country narrative fused with a modern pop delivery inspired by his passion for 80s and 90s rock has set him on a path to make an impact on the Canadian Country music scene. 
His sophomore single, "This Side of the Blue”, is an upbeat track that is rich with vivid storytelling and showcases Vance's distinctive country-rock style. The song transports listeners to the cherished memories of small-town life and embraces classic country influences as Vance paints a nostalgic picture of a simpler era. The retro vibe sets a rhythmic tone that not only resonates with the rebel spirit of the song but also prompts listeners to sing along to the lively chorus.

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