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Just like your favorite song –a small town boy with his head in the clouds, leaves his home town in pursuit of a dream, only to return to his roots with many heartbreaks and hardships along the way – but no, this is the origin story of Newfoundland born country-rock singer songwriter Peter Vance.

“I was a romanticist, when I moved out of my hometown in the summer of 2018, I would spend my time chasing who and what I thought I needed to be to be successful, to be a pop star - only to realize years later that the only person I can really be is myself  ,” admits Peter. “I did a lot of soul searching, I didn’t think I’d end up in country music.” 

Since the release of his 80s infused single “Breaking Chains” in 2021, Newfoundland’s Peter Vance has set himself free from the past, taking the deep dive and confronting relationship realities from experience. Written in the aftermath of a relationship and personal breakdown, the catchy songwriter teamed up with Paula Danylevich of HYPE MUSIC PR to push the release, going on to receive great publicity from VENTS Magazine, Canadian Beats, and other radio and media outlets across Canada.                  
When interviewed by The Newfoundland Herald, Dillon Collins referred to Peter’s infectious artistic style as a “rock-pop hybrid, tailor-made for modern-day radio,” adding “he has all the tools to make waves, locally and abroad.”

Peter deems his music a cocktail of pop - rock with country storytelling, pushing the limits and being heavily influenced by acts such as Bryan Adams, Keith Urban, Bon Jovi as well as other rock influenced bands that have walked the line between rock and roots. 
“My music is unique to me. Country music has gotten to a place where it can look and sound different, there aren’t as many barriers” explains Peter. “I grew up on everything from Def Leppard to Vince Gill, in a family of country and gospel music listeners, I looked up to country rock heroes like Keith, who have bended the genre” 
It was just three years earlier, he earned himself a place in the hearts of export Newfoundlanders as well as other Canadians with his then pop rock band Mile Twenty Five. Their hometown proud single “Riverside Drive'' amassing thousands of  views on YouTube and impressive media coverage on CBC and NTV, with the nod of approval from Canadian music legend and Newfoundland native Alan Doyle. 

This opened doors and opportunities to perform as a working musician and songwriter, allowing him to become a regular in the bar and club circuit across the island as both a solo act and in various side projects. Learning some of life's hard lessons along the way but staying focused on his artistic vision, he has been honing his craft ever since and is set to become one of the country’s promising young songwriters.
Having come a long way since entering the music industry in 2017, the singer-songwriter is set to return to the studio in 2023, working with local rock legend - producer Clint Curtis, in hopes of returning to a more organic, nostalgic country pop rock sound. Ready to shake things up

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