Newfoundland’s Peter Vance is setting himself free from the past with his new, 80’s influenced pop single, “Breaking Chains.” Written in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown, the songwriter does a deep-dive into a number of realities and acknowledges it wasn’t always the easiest to confront.


“There was a lot of soul searching because when you look back, the mistakes you made are a bit more obvious than when you’re in the midst of the relationship,” he says. “And I feel I definitely made a lot of mistakes, but I also came to realize you can either learn from the past or just become resentful about it. I chose the former.”


The title “Breaking Chains” holds a double meaning, Peter says.


“Not only is the song about breaking away from your past self, it’s also about breaking away from the mistakes and hardships in life that hold us back. We all need to break free from those constraints and put your best self forward every day.”


As an avid admirer of all things 80’s and 90’s, the stamp of the former decade is all over “Breaking Chains,” as Peter allows the influence of Tears for fears and early INXS to permeate the track. Peter says it was the shuffle beat on the former’s hit “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” that largely informed his single.


“I thought to myself one day, ‘what would a song like that sound like in 2021?’”


Peter explains his ongoing fascination with the 80’s and 90’s as having been an era unlike any other: “The pop culture of those two decades has played a big role in helping shape my musical direction,” he says. “I look back on that period in complete awe of how passionate and bombastic the music was. Looking back, it strikes me as though there was a greater emphasis placed on the artistic side and the creation of something you’d hope would be considered timeless one day. I don’t hear that in a lot of music being made today.”


At just 21 years of age, music has been a vital part of Peter’s upbringing. Having written his first song at the age of eight, he first formed his first band around the age of 12. Approximately five years ago, he released his debut solo single and spent the ensuing years continuing to hone his sound.


Fusing a modern sensibility with his love for the music of decades past, “Breaking Chains” is a definitive statement on living in and for the moment.